About Us


Started since 2017, we are a reputable company that provide professional pet cremation services services. Pets’ owners can be assured that the ashes of their pets are 100% genuine. Our cremation site is located in Bentong is a high technology device that cremate at 1000 Celsius, it is an environmental friendly system.


We believe choosing a final resting place for your pet should be a personal experience, one that best symbolizes the love and devotion they have given to us for so long. We offer beautiful and affordable packages when your beloved pet leaves you.


Just call us and our driver will be there to pick up your beloved. We can collect your pet from your home or from the vet clinic and provide you with professional and compassionate services throughout the process.

Why Cremation?

Our pet is being recognized more as members of a family rather than just a pet. Their remains should be treated with the same care and concern that they have received when still alive. We should carefully consider the pro and cons of different burial method:

A. The Benefits of Funeral Parlour & Cremation Services

  1. Funeral parlour provide the venue for family members to say last farewell. This is the last act of love that the family can offer to the beloved pet, and it is also, quite often, an important act of closure
  2. Cremation is one of the most environmentally friendly method
  3. The ashes can be put inside an urn or other small container and take them anywhere with us, even when we move. The family member can later decide what to do with the ashes, this includes:
    • Scattering the ash into the mountain or sea
    • Keep inside a crematorium
    • Potted plants
    • Keep on the altar for religious purpose

B. Home Burial


  1. Can keep the pet remains close to home
  2. Zero cost
  3. Home burial provides the opportunity to create a permanent memorial to one’s pet


  1. Might lack of space. Most people in the cities are staying inside high-rise building
  2. The grave side must be deep enough, otherwise it can be a health hazard
  3. Must avoid flowerbed, otherwise that spot will be redug and replanted
  4. Not advisable to bury at a rented house or is planning to move away in short term
  5. The local regulatory body might not permitted home burial method

C. Illegal Burial at Local Parks


  1. This might against the local regulations
  2. The carcass might be devoured by wild animals or birds
  3. Might cause pollution to the environment and ground water
  4. The burial site might be disturbed in future due to developments